What Others Say…

It’s crucial to our business that the sellers we help have a great experience with our service. At the end of the day, we aren’t happy if we’re not able to provide the solution you’re looking for. Following are some things other homeowners have said about us. Hopefully we’ll talk with you soon!

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Barbara Little, Boise – She’s sold us two of her rental houses!
- Barbara Little, Boise

Ila Moyle, Nampa  —  Wanted an easier way to sell than people tromping through her house for showings!

- Ila Moyle

Richard Henninger, Caldwell – – Moving on with life!

- Richard Henninger

Sue Ballantyne, Boise  — “You have been a blessing to me.”

- Sue Ballantyne

“Nathan and Tricia are awesome.  They’re so nice, and they really want to help make things better for people.”

- Carla Cerchione

“Thank you so much for helping us figure out what to do.  We would have lost our house and gotten nothing for it.”

- Cyndi Nicholls

“Happy Independence Day from my house payment!  You guys really helped me out.”

- Ali Barnes, Nampa, Idaho

“Nathan and Tricia are some of the best people for this job.  If you have a situation with your house, call them and they’ll help you.”

- Scott Torgerson, Northern Idaho

“Idaho Neighborhood Solutions really helped me out in a kind and caring way when I was faced with downsizing my old farm house after my husband passed on. It was becoming impossible for me to take care of all the trees and land by myself. INS offered a unique and efficient service when I was in an overwhelmed state.”

– Jocelyn Maybe, Nampa

- Jocelyn Maybe
Rena & Roger Jones Testimonial
- Rena and Roger Jones, Nampa
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